This career-launching grant was initiated in 2008 to assist up to 3 Chatham College seniors. These women students must to be in good academic standing, having majored in one of the non-traditional for women STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics), and in addition demonstrated their regard for the human condition. A written application to the Financial Aid Office would explain their need for financial aid to further help them in the next step in launching their careers. The Financial Aid office will determine the recipients. Our members look forward to following the progress of these young women as they continue to pursue the Chatham motto of being “World Ready Women”. Prior to 2009 Scholarships were awarded annually to Fox Chapel Area high School graduating senior girls who indented to pursue the study of math or science and/or have selected field of study or career path which is considered non-traditional for women.


We recognize and encourage young women for their strong interest, enthusiasm and potential in math or science at a biennial celebration of our branch’s guiding principles in action at Young Women’s Recognition Night to encourage young girls to pursue math and science studies in high school and beyond.  Girls from grades 6–8, selected by their math and science teachers at Dorseyville Middle School, are recognized. It is hoped that the recognition and panel discussion by women working or studying in the STEM fields, and interaction with the panelists will encourage middle school students to continue to pursue their interests in one of these fields in school and as careers.


This program honors and recognizes Fox Chapel Area High School female students selected by their STEM teachers for an exceptional interest, enthusiasm, and ability for these subjects, as well as a potential for growth or career aspirations in these fields. STEM-CAN is designed to encourage high school girls to continue to take math and science courses in high school and beyond.  They have the opportunity to listen to and ask questions of guest panelists who have pursued careers in STEM.


The Fox Chapel Area Branch of AAUW developed its Friend of Equity Award in 1992 and has presented this award each year since its inception. AAUW-PA adopted this concept and now awards a Pennsylvania Gateway to Equity Award annually and encourages branches throughout the commonwealth to do so as well. The Friend of Equity Award recognizes a person or group who show by action and philosophy the equal treatment of girls and boys in and outside of the classroom. Nominations for the award are solicited from AAUW members and the community.


One of the world’s largest sources of funding exclusively for graduate women, the AAUW Educational Fund supports aspiring scholars around the globe, teachers and activists in local communities, women at critical stages of their careers, and those pursuing professions where women are underrepresented. These fellowships are awarded by the AAUW Educational Foundation and not by our local branch. Applications and more information may be found at


AAUW Outstanding Woman of the Year 

The Outstanding Woman Award is given to a member of the branch for meritorious service to the branch and to the community.

The Fox Chapel Area Branch selected the Hospitality Committee composed of Jackie Hamilton, Darlene Hogg, and Betsy Shaw as its 2017 Outstanding Women. They were chosen because they stepped up at a challenging time, performed effectively, and did so with humor and good cheer, earning the admiration and thanks of the entire affiliate as well as our host location, the Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church.

AAUW-PA Member Making a Difference Award 2017

The Branch Member Making a Difference Award is given to a branch member who has made a big difference in something important to the branch within the last year. The branch selects this recipient because she exemplifies the spirit of AAUW. She may be new to the branch or may be an unsung hero.

Recipient Lindsay Bond Totten took over as public relations officer two years ago, and in that time, the affiliate has received more consistent press recognition than at any time in the past. This resulted in new members, more public participation at programs, and more general awareness of our affiliate.

AAUW’S 2016 Chatham Women Ready-To-Lead Awards

Our three Women-Ready-to-Lead Career-Launching Awards were presented to the Chatham seniors at our May Brunch Meeting. As always, the young women were selected by the Chatham College for Women of Chatham University to meet our requirements for having majored in a STEM area, explained their need and eligibility in their applications, and excelled academically.

The School of Arts, Science and Business, Chatham College at Chatham University has selected three graduating women to receive our branch’s annual AAUW Ready-to-Lead Career Launching Awards; each recipient will be awarded a one thousand dollar grant.  These three women are Sarah Candiello- Chemistry, Elyssa Kantor- Biochemistry and Sara McBurney- Mathematics/Secondary Education.

Each woman is graduating with a major in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), has a 3.0 grade average or higher and is in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing with the university.  In addition, in compliance with our specifications, each provided three references (two of which were Chatham faculty) and demonstrated financial need based on a financial aid application filed in the Chatham Financial Aid Office.

During their years at Chatham, all three seniors were awarded undergraduate scholarships, have been active in campus organizations and activities, have had work and/or research experience in a STEM field, and have done volunteer work with campus, neighborhood, city and international organizations.

Friend of Equity Award (Gateway to Equity Award) 2016

Each year our branch chooses a person or organization who (or which) demonstrated by action or philosophy an outstanding commitment to promoting equity for women and girls and a commitment to the mission of AAUW.

This year, we will be honoring Shirl Regan, CEO of the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (WC&S).  She has been at WC&S for over 20 years and truly understands domestic violence (DV) and the critical need for the programs and serivces that WC&S provides for DV victims and their children.  She is doing great work to ensure that these programs and services continue to be available to them.  She is a strong advocate for new measures to be taken to address DV in our society.    

Branch Names Officers for 2018-19

Darlene Hogg, President; Nancy Neal, Vice President Membership; Barbara Johnstone, Vice President Programs; Open, Vice President Development; Judith Matheny, Financial Officer, Lynn Miller, Secretary.

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