Membership Form

MEMBERSHIP FORM, Dues are due June 30 for 2020-2021
Printout and complete this form and send it along with your check for $80.00 ($56 of which is tax deductible), made payable to the Fox Chapel Area Branch – AAUW.  Annual dues are due by June 30th, the beginning of our fiscal year.  Mail the form and the check to: Judith Matheny, Financial Officer, 17 Overlook Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Please provide the following information for the directory; this is your chance to make corrections and additions to the existing directory. 

If there are no changes in your previous listing, only the starred lines are required.

*Name (Last, First) and Spouse’s Name, if you wish:

*Listing remains the same as last year, no changes or additions________________

Telephone number with area code______________________________________

Cell phone ________________________________________________________

Street address_____________________________________________________

City, state and zip___________________________________________________

Email address______________________________________________________

*Do you wish to receive your branch newsletter via the internet?   YES___    NO___

Educational information (schools and degrees)




Birthday (year not needed, only for Happenings)____________________________

Suggestions for programs (topics, panel discussions and/or speakers)______________



Publications such as The Chapel Crier Newsletter from the branch and The Keystoner from AAUW-PA will be delivered via email unless specified for US Postal delivery.

Current interest groups include: Arts & Entertainment, Book Group, Bridge, Bridging Generations, Education Action Committee, Golf Club,  Out-to-Lunch Bunch, Pinochle Players, Women in Stitches, Walking Group.

Do you have any suggestions for other interest groups in 2020-2021?




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